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IFC Products include:

Digital images,  Full size + "web ready", delivered through your web browser.

"No time limit" copyright for  in-house and promotional needs.

DISCOUNTS:  for additional locations; "customer appreciation" prints;  digital manipulations services; and more  (restrictions apply)

Air Packages Starting at $395**

Air I -
  4 sides and 4 corners.
Air II -
  Above plus scenic views as seen from the property (or) relative to surrounding demographics
Air III -
Above plus a true vertical image (where applicable)

Ground Packages - Call
Natural lighting with fill-flash, 12 ft. elevated poll system (taller system available)

Ground I -
9 shot Sale-Web Promo:
2 exterior,
1 living, dining, kitchen, bath, master bed + 2 additional rooms or views.
Ground II
20 plus shots: 4 exterior, 2 in each community room, bath room, master bed, garage + 4 additional views.

Gary,  This is my first experience. It should do the job.  Well done.

Michael Gerry
Coldwell Banker

  Kaiser Redwood City -two views "Hi Gary, This one was tough to decide, a lot of good shots. I'd like one of #36 and one of #39."

Andrew Fellows
Senior Project Manager
Kaiser Permanente.

"My wife and I are very pleased with your work. We'll take the set "

Steve Nozet
Discovery Bay


"Wow..I thought for sure trees would block the view.  Nice job Gary!  They want the shot."

Norman Mac Kenny
Darren & Associates


"Thanks Gary.
Excellent sharp quality.
You are a nice new asset to my team and an excellent businessman.”

Ted Strodder
Broker Associate
Frank Howard


"Download successful…image looks great.   Thanks for your help."

Clayton Collier
Environmental Scientist
Hydrex Environmental, Inc.
Hannah Nicole Vineyards "Gary....Great talking with you today. I really appreciate your work, it’s quite nice. So I’m hoping you can set me up as soon as possible with images 1, 2, 3, 4, 13, and 14. Thanks"

Jason Cohn
DTC Marketing Coordinator
Hannah Nicole Vinards & Winery

"Hi Gary, The owner of the property loved the photo. Thanks again for all your hard work on that. That looks awesome with the logo. Great Job!!!! Go ahead and print them up.    Thanks again."

Tony Franchetto
Southwest Greens

"Hey Gary,
The two sided images are horrible. There is a constant stream of people in my office admiring your work. They all love them and want one. What’s the cost to get 10 more of these things? Please let me know ASAP, I want my office back immediately.  Thanks!"

Rey Altamirano
Kaiser Antioch Project Manager Harbison Mahony Higgins Builders, Inc.

"Gary, I did pick those up today. They look fantastic. Thanks for sending and for your service!"

Dennis Brown
John Muir Hospital

Dennis Brown
John Muir Hospita

** Air Packages are combined with other work to make it affordable
and usually delivered within 10 to 14 days.

"Gary,   Your photo will be on all of the news stations come Monday. If you are available to come up, it might be fun. There will be a number of dignitaries. Let me know and I can provide details".............Ken

Ken Solak, P.E. Serior Transportation Engineer; 
Division of Program / Project Management;
Office of Project Management A  

"These photos are fantastic. The images are perfect, and yes, we will want them all. Katy, thanks for arranging this."

Francesca Demgen

Ecosystem Restoration Group Leader
URS Corporation
"We have a training day today with about 25 members of the refinery emergency response team setting up to practice storage tank fire fighting tactics.  The image worked great. I was able to show locations for where to position the fire trucks, hose lines, attack monitor etc......Thanks again!"

Greg Clayton
Manager Emergency Response and Preparedness
Tesoro Golden Eagle Refinery
"Hi Gary,
Thanks again for doing this so quickly. These are great! I'm copying Francesca so she can have a look. Thanks again!"

Katherine Caldwell
URS Corporation
"Thank you for the aerials. Your e-mail is very timely and helpful. I hope to work with you again soon. Take care, my friend.......Bob"

Robert P. Donnelly
Director of Land Acquisition
























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