In-Flight Camera started in 1981 with real-estate imaging doing interiors/exteriors for agents and sales brochures. Requests came in for aerial views and initially this was accomplished with rented aircraft and a pilot friend. 

My wife Gloria, gets the credit for my intro to flying and eventually owning our first Cessna 150.  Having two brother pilots, one a Lt. Colonel C5 driver and the other a CFI, she suggested that I take flying lessons. She supported the move to aerial photography, even though she was pregnant with our son Jason. (more on him soon)

Initially using two Minolta 35mm cameras, I made the step to medium format Mamiya 6x4.5.  Within three years the arsenal included a Pentax 6x7 and a 300mm prime lens.  This is a great camera!

My son Jason (Mechanical engineering graduate from CalPoly) is now 30.  He has his private pilot license and a hi-performance rating - going for a commercial ticket.  He  was the push for going digital.  It is with his input that we can now offer true planimetric (vertical) imaging. 

We have converted to total digital with State of the Art Nikon 25 meg raw files as a base.  IFC has the ability to deliver electronically to save you the dreaded sales tax connection. Our current aircraft is a faster and very stable 1972 Cessna Cardinal with a belly port for vertical work.

Most print requirements can be met with our Epson 9600 inkjet delivering quality images with a 100 year life expectancy. 

A special "Thank You" to my Wife Gloria, Son  Jason, and My Father Andrew for their support.  God Bless them and you too!

Thank You for visiting,
Gary Augustino















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