Sometimes a single photograph is not enough....
From the court room environment (where originals are king) to the job site and advertising industry, digital manipulation has its place.



Large composites start with communication to understand your goal. We establish a logical foundation of images and apply state of the art photo manipulation to deliver.....The image you've been looking for!



> Haze and alignment factor into MOST aerial images ...IFC can adjust. 
> Debris may degrade your presentation. IFC can vacuum. 
> Ad space can limit you to fewer views...IFC can combine. 
> Keep your name in front of your market ...IFC can incorporate your artwork/logo

Montage Layering:      Utilize more area for your advertising space and dollar.

Graphic Overlay :     Identify target areas.  A picture is worth 1,000.......
Enhancements:                                          Before                         After